Debenture from legal aspects law teacher

Debentures are usually offered in issues under an Indenturea document that sets the terms of the exchange. A debenture is usually a bearer instrument.

When it is presented for payment, the person in possession of it will be paid, even if the person is not the original creditor. Coupons representing annual or semi-annual payments of interest on the debt are attached, to be clipped and presented for payment on their due dates. They may be deposited in, and collected by, the banks of holders of the debentures, the creditors of the corporation.

A convertible debenture is one that can be changed or converted, at the option of its holder, into shares of stock, usually common stock, at a fixed ratio as stated in the indenture. The ratio can be adjusted in light of stock dividends; otherwise the value of converting the debt into Securities would be worth less than retaining the debenture until its date of maturity.

A subordinate debenture is one that will be repaid only after other corporate debts have been satisfied. A convertible subordinate debenture is one that is subject or subordinate to the prior repayment of other debts of the corporation but which can be converted into another form of security. A sinking fund debenture is one whereby repayment is secured by periodic payments by the corporation into a sinking fund, an amount of money made up of corporate assets and earnings that are set aside for the repayment of designated debentures and long-term debts.

Thus, it is more secure than shares of stock or general bonds. A certificate given, in pursuance of law, by the collector of a port of entry, for a certain sum, due by the United States, payable at a time therein mentioned, to an importer for drawback of duties on merchandise imported and exported by him, provided the duties arising on the importation of the said merchandise shall have been discharged prior to the time aforesaid.

Vide Act of Congress of March 2,s. Index, h. Related to debenture: Convertible debenturesecured debenture. Debenture [ Latin, Are due. West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Hill and Kathleen T. All Right reserved. By John Bouvier. Published Mentioned in?

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In conjunction, the principal and accrued interest on the company's debentures will total USD, on 31 April LKA Gold to convert 7. WRU faces legal threat over debenture tickets. WRU pledge to examine debenture issue after legal threat. In Japan, only long-term credit banks, including the defunct Industrial Bank of Japan, are allowed to issue bank debentures to raise financial resources for long-term loans to companies.A debenture may, be defined as document issued by the company as an evidence of debt.

The debentures may be secured or unsecured.

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In the American terminology, only unsecured bonds are called as debentures. But we have borrowed our terminology from Britain where no such distinction is made between the two terms. Therefore, in our discussion, we will treat both the words as interchangeable. The debentures provide for a fixed rate of interest to the debenture holders. A debenture holder cannot vote in the company meetings. Generally, debentures are secured. They may have a floating charge on the whole of the assets of the company.

No company can solely depend on its ownership capital, though it is desirable. Some investors are more cautious and hesitate to invest their funds in the risk capital of the companies. To attract such type of investors to lend money as a loan, bonds and debentures are issued.

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Just as uniform parts of capital are known as shares, uniform parts of loan raised by the companies are known as debentures or bonds.

The issue of debentures is governed almost by the same consideration as shares.

debenture from legal aspects law teacher

Debenture-holders are entitled to periodical payment of interest at an agreed rate. They are also entitled to redemption of their capital as per the agreed terms. Usually debentures are secured by charge on or mortgage of the assets of the company. Debenture holders have the right to sue the company for any unpaid dues. They can enforce the security by sale in case of default. They can apply for winding up of the company to safeguard their interests.

The debentures which are payable to the registered debenture holders are called registered debentures. These debentures are not transferable by mere delivery. The names of the holders of these debentures with details of the number, value and type of debenture held are recorded in the register of debenture holders.

Registered debentures are not negotiable instruments. Transfer of such debentures requires registration. Bearer debentures are those which are payable to the bearer. These debentures are transferable by mere delivery. The register of debenture holders does not have the names of the debenture holder recorded.

Hence they are transferable by mere delivery. Registration of transfer is not necessary. Bearer debentures are also called as Unregistered Debentures. The debentures, which are secured fully or partly by a charge over the assets of the company are called secured debentures.

The charge may be either a fixed charge or a floating charge.This Website and 16mrks App has been developed for law students as reading law books and making notes from them in law school is a cumbersome process.

These notes can also be referred for Civil Competitive Exams i. Please take note that all topics might not be covered. New topics will be added over updates. The word 'debenture' is derived from the Latin term 'debere' which means 'to borrow'. A debenture is a certificate of loan issued by a Company to the holder of the debenture.

It is undoubtedly a kind of security. The term 'debenture' has been defined in s. Held: Receipt or a certificate for a deposit made with a Company when the deposit was repayable at a fixed period after it was made, was held to be a debenture. Debentures are generally issued in a series, but a single debenture may be issued in case of sole-lender of the Company. It generally creates a charge on the undertaking of the Company or on some of its assets.

Debentures in Company Law: Everything You Need to Know

The holder of debentures is the creditor of the Company and not its members. From point of view of transferability of ownership, debentures may either be registered or they may be bearer debentures. Registered debentures are payable to a registered holder and are transferable in the same manner as shares.

The bearer debentures are payable to bearers and are transferable like negotiable instruments by mere delivery. From the point of view of redeemability, debentures are generally redeemable as they are issued on the terms that the Company is bound to repay the amount of debenture at a fixed date, or upon demand or after notice, or under a system of periodical drawings.

An irredeemable debenture is also known as a perpetual debenture and no time is fixed for the Company to repay the loan, although it may choose to pay it back any time it likes. On the basis of security, when debentures are secured by a mortgage or a charge on the property of the Company, they are called secured debentures, but when they are not so secured, they are called unsecured or naked debentures, containing a mere promise to pay.

A convertible debenture contains an option entitling the holder to convert the whole or part of his debts, on certain dates or during certain period, into shares of the Company at stated rates of interest. Offer debentures to existing equity shareholders on right basis, in proportion to their shareholding, subject to a minimum of 1 debenture to each equity shareholder.

Companies desiring to raise larger sums of money from the public may decide to issue debenture stock instead of debentures. Debentures are issued when the amount borrowed consists of a number of separate debts of equal amount, whereas in case of debenture stock, the whole amount borrowed is regarded as consolidated into on single composite debt, each debenture stockholder receiving a debenture stock certificate testifying the amount of his contribution or holding.

The power to issue debentures is usually set out in the memorandum of association. The debentures can be issued in the same manner as shares in the Company. But unlike shares, they can be issued at a discount, if the articles of association so authorise. Debentures can also be issued at a premium.

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The interest payable on debentures is debt and can therefore, be paid out of the capital. It provides that no Company shall issue a prospectus or a letter of offer to the public for subscription of its debentures, unless the Company has, before such issue, appointed one or more debenture trustees for such debentures and the trustees have given their consent to the Company to be so appointed.

After issuing of debentures, the Company shall create a debenture redemption reserve and adequate amounts shall be credited from out of its profits every year until such debentures are redeemed. Where the Company fails to redeem the debentures on the date of maturity, the Tribunal may direct the Company to redeem the debentures with interests due thereon.What's on Practical Law?

Show less Show more. Ask a question. Glossary Debenture Related Content. The term has more than one meaning depending on the context in which it is used:. A finance lawyer is most likely to associate the term with a document that is executed in favour of a creditor with a covenant to pay the creditor and which grants security over the whole or substantially the whole of a company's assets.

Typically a debenture creates a fixed charge over the assets of the company which are not disposed of in the ordinary course of business and a floating charge over the rest of the company's undertaking. It grants the creditor rights as mortgagee or chargee such as the authority to appoint an administrator or administrative receiver with wide powers to run the company's business and realise its assets.

In a corporate context, the Companies Act provides a broader interpretation of debenture and defines it as including " debenture stockbonds and any other securities of a company, whether constituting a charge on the assets of the company or not" section In this context, a debenture is not a "security document" but rather an instrument acknowledging corporate indebtedness.

For more information on the meaning of the term debenture, see Practice note, What is a debenture? Maintained Resource Type Glossary. Jurisdictions England Wales.Debentures in company law may refer to secured debentures, unsecured debentures, registered debentures, bearer debentures, redeemable debentures, irredeemable debentures, and convertible debentures.

Businesses usually raise capital by issuing shares in the company or by borrowing from lenders. A debenture is a way for a business to borrow in which the company agrees to repay the debt plus interest. A debenture is a bond or promissory note that is issued by a business to a creditor in exchange for capital. The repayment and terms of the loan are completed based on the general creditworthiness of the business and not by a lien, mortgage, or any specific property. An indenture is a legal document that sets the terms for the transaction.

Therefore, a debenture is commonly found within an indenture. A debenture is usually a type of bearer instrument, a type of fixed-income security in which no ownership data is recorded, and the security is issued in physical form to the purchaser.

The person holding the debenture at the time of payment will receive the funds even if they're not the original creditor. Coupons representing semiannual or annual payments of interest are attached.

They are to be redeemed for payment on the due date. The creation of a debenture acknowledges the fact that a debt is owed by the issuing company. The term "debenture" includes:.

Ordinarily, a debenture is issued with secured borrowings and has either a floating or fixed interest payment attached to it. In less common scenarios, a debenture is issued with unsecured borrowings.

In a commercial setting, the term "debenture" will typically refer to the legal document that describes the secured debt.

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A debenture is considered a more secure way to invest in a business than purchasing shares because the company must pay the interest on the debenture before any dividend payments can be made to the shareholders. For example, if a company declares bankruptcy, the debenture holders will receive payment before the shareholders. The main disadvantage to being a debenture holder is that they have no control over the decision-making process of the company because they control no shares in the business.

The business has to pay interest to the debenture holder during the period of the loan. A debenture holder may take hold of some or all of the assets of the business as collateral. This would be done to improve the odds of recovering the entire debt from the organization.

Debentures | Meaning, Issue, Features, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

When a creditor takes control of the assets of a business, it carries a legal interest that the business will not be allowed to sell the assets without receiving permission from the debenture holder or paying off the debt.

If you need help with debentures in company law, you can post your job on UpCounsel's marketplace. UpCounsel accepts only the top 5 percent of lawyers to its site. Lawyers on UpCounsel come from law schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law and average 14 years of legal experience, including work with or on behalf of companies like Google, Menlo Ventures, and Airbnb.What's on Practical Law? Show less Show more.

Ask a question. Related Content. A standard form debenture created by a company incorporated in England and Wales in favour of a single corporate lender. This standard document creates a mortgage over properties, fixed charges over a range of other assets and assignments by way of security over the benefit of contracts and insurance policies, together with a floating charge over assets not otherwise mortgaged, charged or assigned.

This standard document contains integrated drafting notes and negotiating tips. For detailed information on legal issues that may arise when drafting a debenture, see Drafting note, About this document below. The post-transition position is set out below and in Brexit and corporate lending: toolkit. This note will be updated as appropriate following the end of transition see Guide to assessing legal change after end of post-Brexit transition period and UK law after end of post-Brexit transition period: overview.

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debenture from legal aspects law teacher

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debenture from legal aspects law teacher

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